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Friday, December 20, 2013

Paula Creamer: How Much Is Too Much?

I'm happy for Paula Creamer.  I really am.  Everybody deserves a rich and satisfying personal life.  To love and be loved in return forms the core of my own life, and I wish the same for every person who walks the face of the earth.  I'm a hopeless romantic and the joy Paula conveyed in announcing her marriage proposal resonates for me.  But Twitter?

Perhaps this is a case of Tweet overload.  I still haven't recovered from Anthony Weiner's Twitter scandal.  Now I'm being treated to Paula Creamer's marriage proposal, admittedly not in the same category as Weiner's below-the-belt selfies, but still a bit too intimate for my old-fashioned comfort zone.

Creamer's 27, has been playing pro golf since she was 20, and has built a very successful career as a touring pro: 2005 LPGA Rookie of the Year, 9 LPGA titles including the 2010 US Women's Open, 5-time member of the Solheim Cup Team USA, career winnings that surpass $10 million.   Those achievements not only interest me.  They engage me.

I thoroughly enjoy watching Paula Creamer play golf.  She has game in her bag that I admire and a panache that delights me.  Paula Creamer's grace under fire is a worthy skill we could all emulate.  I'm not at all certain I could have smiled as I autographed a golf ball for Charley Hull after she played me to a defeat the way Creamer did at the 2013 Solheim Cup.  Clearly, she's a good person as well as a superb golfer.

Don't mistake me for a curmudgeon.  I'm not that, not at all.  I just think there needs to be a boundary between the personal and the professional.  We live our personal lives in private space and our professional lives in public space, and when the line between the personal and the professional blurs we run the risk of losing that private space we all need as we navigate the sometimes difficult shoals in our lives.