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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Politics of Golf, or How Much is Too Much?

I honestly don't have any issues with Presidents who play golf. I think golf is a perfectly appropriate way to spend time. It enhances physical and mental health.  Simply put, the game of golf adds years to life.

So I was intrigued by this tweet from Kyle Griffin:

Who could possibly begrudge another person 4 or 5 hours strolling around in the woods, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds, and occasionally engaging in some mild stretching and swinging exercise?

As this debate about Presidential hours spent on the links swirls around the Twitterverse, I recall an exchange I had with my non-golfing partner some years ago. I was dancing toward the back door with 2 balls and some tees in my pocket, heading for my regular Tuesday morning tee time with my women's league. The kitchen floor needed to be swept, the grass needed mowing, and I hadn't opened my mail for a week.

"I thought golf was something you did when your work was done," growled the non-golfer as I picked up my car keys.

"Perhaps golf is something I do in order to find the energy to complete those other lingering, undone tasks I really don't enjoy," I rejoined as I skipped out the door.

I didn't vote for Trump and I don't support his politics or his policies, but I don't begrudge him his round of golf. It's a game of peace and tranquility and civilized competition. He may need those rounds for his mental and physical health just as much as I do.

Let's keep the links a politics-free zone. We all need that!