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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkin Cup Fever

Barb @ Pumpkin Cup Planning Lunch
Some women just can't get enough golf!

Four years ago some women at Woodfin Ridge Golf Club decided they wanted one last golf tournament before everybody drifts away from the golf course and gets busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They talked to some friends at Star Fort, who thought one final tournament was a fine idea.

A plan began to emerge: match play, mirroring the Solheim Cup!  The concept shared brought small, sly smiles and slightly raised eyebrows.

The Woodfin Ridge Ladies Golf Association challenged the Star Fort Ladies Golf Association.  A date was set.  That first year not everybody jumped on the opportunity for one more tournament and sign-up was slow, so both clubs recruited outside players.  A trophy was donated, a rather outsized pressed glass pumpkin somebody picked up at the Dollar Store, with a little hole it where a small token trophy can be inserted.

2010: Woodfin Ridge won.  The Star Fort Ladies Golf Association felt the sting of defeat.  We nursed our bruised egos and vowed that next year would be different.  It was.

2011: Star Fort won.  The Woodfin Ridge Ladies Golf Association felt the sting of defeat.  But someone had misplaced the Pumpkin Cup and Sandra Boyter, much embarrassed, presented a small styrofoam Mulligan Pumpkin in it's stead, until it could be replaced by the glass pumpkin, which mysteriously reappeared at the Woodfin Ridge pro shop in February, 4 months after the tournament.

Pumpkin Cup Decisions: Formats,
Team Handicaps, Meals, Costs
2012: Woodfin Ridge won.  The Star Fort Ladies Golf Association felt the sting of defeat.  Like Stacy Lewis and Paula Creamer at the end of the 2011 Solheim Cup, we stood by and watched the Woodfin Ridge team hoot and holler and celebrate and gloat over their win and vowed,

Next Year We'll Bring the Pumpkin Back to Star Fort!

Over time, teams have emerged.  Uniforms have been adopted.   There's now an annual, hotly fought contest between the Star Fort Ladies Golf Association Team and the Woodfin Ridge Ladies Golf Association Team for possession of the coveted pumpkin into which a small trophy is inserted.  Barb and I, Pumpkin Cup Co-Captains, are getting Pumpkin Cup Fever.

We've had our first planning lunch, started working on the details of managing a 2-day match play tournament, negotiating the menu, and recruiting the Team.  There's always a little drama.   It's sort of a little salt on sliced tomatoes.  It just makes the Pumpkin Cup a little juicier!  I'll let you know how the planning's progressing.